Chalet Kolasin

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Combining traditional and modern, we have created a pleasant atmosphere where you will enjoy. You won’t get just a bed, but also a comfort, warmth and privacy. We are sure that you will be satisfied and that you will come back.

Chalet Kolašin

     The maximum capacity our three apartments is 14 persons.

Chalet Kolašin

Luxury Chalet Kolasin is in the town center.

National restaurant Vodenica
Four Points By Sheraton
Supermarket Voli
Supermarket Idea

Bus station

Railway station

Ski Resort Kolasin 1450  



Kolasin is placed in the center of Montenegro.

Mapa MNE
For several decades Kolasin has positioned itself as an ideal destination for a longer stay, not only because of what town has to offer, the environment, the natural beauty of mountains, rivers and lakes, the altitude of 954 metres, but also because of its geographical and traffic position.
From Kolasin in less than 2 hours drive you can reach all parts of Central and Northern, and almost all parts of Southern Montenegro. The sea is also 2 hours drive away, so in one day in May you can ski on the mountain, and after that you can swim in the sea.
Choosing Kolasin as your base destination you will get a lot of your time because you won’t have to look for an accomodation in other cities. You will just have to choose where to spend your day, and you are there in maximum 2 hours drive, respecting all speed limits. Also, you should have on your mind that you can see a lot of natural beauties from your car, on trips between towns.
The position of Kolasin and maps with distances can be found at the following link: Link mape sa razdaljinama

Kolasin is also known as an air spa.

Altitude, geographical position, mountains (Bjelasica, Komovi, Kljuc, Sinjajevina, Vucje, Ostrvica, Kapa moracka and Maganik), proximity to the sea and industrial non-contamination, have created a climate which made Kolasin known as an air spa. In this town, during the hottest summer days the air is clear and fresh, so that is why foreign and domestic tourists, for more than 100 years, come here to rest up from high temperatures.